Saturday, January 2, 2010

Green Arrow in Art

We started with Black Canary and while I am on a DC wave and on “Birds of Prey” wave too I give you the Green Arrow. I was first introduced to his character during the Justice League Unlimited animated series, because I wasn’t much of a DC reader to begin with. What caught my eye was that he was green all over and I have a [almost] clinical obsession with the color. But still I wasn’t that charmed with him, because he was an archer and while he had dangerous arrows I couldn’t get around the fact that he had one arrow with a boxing glove on top. That seemed like a joke, until I actually get around to understanding that the guy is a pun spewing uncensored funny guy and that is just how he rolls. Been his fan ever since. [The goatee helps me liking him even more].


ediFanoB said...

I like archers. This is my first contact with the Green Arrow.
I found following video: Hero Worship: Green Arrow.

Harry Markov said...

@ Michael: Thanks for the video. Great slide show even though the audio is not that to my liking. I read a few issues with him & Black Canary as a family unit. Was good.

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