Saturday, January 2, 2010

Black Canary in Art

Comic Book Appreciation Month: Day 2

Yesterday I welcomed you all a vague description about this event and now it’s time to kick start this baby. Every day from here on I will scout Deviant Art for images of famed masked vigilantes and their archenemies. I’m a sucker for super heroes/villains and DA is my guilty pleasure as far as time consuming websites go.

For today I’ve chosen the Black Canary, a DC super heroine, who has been one of the iconic characters since the Golden Age in the comic book industry with two reincarnations [a mother and then her daughter]. What draws me to her is the supersonic scream she has as super power, which separates her from the muscle powered rooster DC has given the world. This exotic geek-ish fact aside the Black Canary with those fishnet stockings and the revealing attire exudes sex appeal and meshes two of America’s favorite type of women: the sweetheart as a day to day woman and the girl every man’s mother warns about, when she is in super hero mode.


ediFanoB said...

I'm always surprised how old these characters are. I don't mean their age. I mean the date of their first appearance. For example: Black Canary appeared the first time in 1947!!!

Harry Markov said...

@ Michael: Yes, amazing now isn't it. I am usually perplexed at how they managed to spin so many stories with these characters for more than 60 years and still keep them young and in shape to fight crime.

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