Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Beast in Art

Henry McCoy aka The Beast is an intriguing figure in the Marvel Universe. For starters the man is an oldie character [debuted in 1963] and has been an influential man in most Marvel crises due to the fact that he is the super genius that he is. But he is not only big brains [that much is obvious] when you take into consideration his huge muscles and enhanced physical attributes and general performance. One can call him the gentle beast, because he is usually mild and usually calm. I am however always nervous about how artists will depict the Beast, because the only two criteria that must be met are the blue feline form and big mass. It's up to different artists to portray the man however they want and from short and massive he becomes big and stocky or variations of these and more. Then there is the muzzle that can be changed in countless ways from more humanoid to more animalistic.

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