Thursday, January 7, 2010

Batman in Art

Batman, Batman, Batman. With two modern motion pictures behind us, Batman has entered the mainstream man’s mind further than ever. He is an oldie with first appearance in 1939, but has managed to stay unchanged throughout all these years. Batman is Bruce Wayne, was Bruce Wayne and will remain Bruce Wayne [even if Dick Grayson plays substitute Batman in the DC universe at some point]. I bloody loved the movies, but I can’t say that I like Batman as a character. Even if he is prime example that you do not need big old super powers to stop criminally insane and super powered maniacs, to me he will always remain the a**hole that broods.

The creators behind his dark and gritty personality did a fine job at justifying his behavior, but I find it hard to relate to a character that is intimidating in a cold manner and is not easy to close to. I imagine that perhaps if given the opportunity to start a series with him, I would change my opinion, but that has to happen, when I have nothing else to read and I am not sure whether that is humanly possible for my TBR grows by the second. But never say never. If there is a series you think I should try, give a ring. Anyway, enjoy the cool art treatment he has been subjected to. Artists eat him up like the end is coming.


T.D. Newton said...

Ahh, I've always enjoyed Batman's moody loner-ness. He's similar to Wolverine in that way, which probably means they have "abandonment issues." Plausible.

Maybe a good story idea to put one of your superheroes on the shrink's couch. Probably been done.

Hagelrat said...

I love Batman, he rocks. He's a bit unhinged and utterly brilliant. Love love love. Also, great choices of art.

Harry Markov said...

@ TD: He was not that much abandoned as much as he was orphaned and that is what makes him extra lonely. It is quite spectacular however how he seems to be able to split his personality in two and pose with such ease as the playboy.

@ Adele: I am glad that you approve of my art choices and yeah, he is not so bad, but it will be long time before I warm up to him.

Anonymous said...

I have always been a fan of Batman, though not from the comics. I was the prime age when Batman: The Animated Series (the best Batman animated series, period) aired and it, along with the Batman films (excluding Batman & Robin), practically ensured that my status as a fan was cemented. Truth be told, I am no great fan of comics and my interest in them has only burgeoned in the past two years, which means that I have read strikingly little of the caped crusader I claim to be a fan of. I did happen across Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns at the library today though, and was sure to snatch it up.

Oh, and I think I am one of the few who dislikes the new Batman films. Probably would like them more if I did not feel that Bale's portrayal of Batman was not a growling disappointment.

~ James

Harry Markov said...

Yes, Bale is not the actor for the role, but I never liked Batman enough to care. I watched the second Batman because of the Joker, mainly.

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