Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year End's Post and Goals

I’m not really in the position to make a 2009 round-up on how well the year has passed due to the fact that I spend 2009 in a few places, where times doesn’t seem to exist. I’m just happy to be able to tell that time passes, so there is that one, plus I have been ranking my top five reads for 2009 too many times [read that as two times on other people’s blogs] as well as the most anticipated by me books for 2010. Anyway 2009 has been a semi-good year as far as reading goes. I got a few good interviews conducted and I had a nice feature running and I met a lot of interesting people, who have been overly generous and cool towards me.

Now that my brief paragraph on how 2009 is summarized let’s move down to the goals that I have set for 2010.

Goal 1: The Comic Book Appreciation Month marks the first themed month on TLR. I hope to make it a tradition on the site for as long as I am capable to run it and along it I hope to add a few more themed weeks and another themed month for the sake of clearing some lists in my book.

Goal 2: Organize my reading and by that I mean clearing my backlog, manage my time better, keep organized records of the novels I read and naturally read more. I’ve even made a public bet with Gavin from Nextread and the challenge is to manage at least six novels per month in order to at least manage the amount of books that we have pending in Our Pile O’shame.

Goal 3: This is a relative goal with success not dependent on me, but I want to contact houses and request a status as reviewer. It’s not that I do not have enough books I want to read, but I feel that I am one way or another losing a sense of what is being published. Which leads me to the next goal.

Goal 4: Keep track of what is published. It’s high time I get around following what will be out straight from the horse’s mouth. Because this seems like the easiest thing in the world it’s the trickiest one to miss out on, because it’s easy to forget and neglect as something to be ignored.


ediFanoB said...


first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I especially like goal six. To read six books per month is a worth goal. I tried this last year.Sometimes I failed sometimes I reached the goal. It always depends on the choice of books.
This month I want to read the following books:
- Drood by Dan Simmons, paperback 816 pages
- Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson, hardcover 526 pages
- The Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams,paperback 912 pages
-A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham, paperback 384 pages
- The Belly and the Bow by K. J. Parker, paperback 521 pages
-The Bookman by Lavie Tidhar, paperback 416 pages
Six books with in sum 3565 pages.
January = 31 days
That means 115 pages per day.
My reading speed = 35 pages per hour.
That means 3 and 1/2 hours per day.

One day = 24 hours
Sleep = 6 hours
Work = 10 hours
Read = 3,5 hours
that means 4,5 hours left for all not mentioned here (e.g. family,reviews, blog)!!

I think the only possibility I have is to increase my reading speed.

I'm curious whether you, Gavin and I will hit the goal: 72 books in 2010!!
GOOD LUCK and fingers crossed.

Harry Markov said...

Good choices. For January I have 4 novels that I must finish.

"American Gods" [because I already started it]

three titles that I will read for book tours and a guest review. The rest will be read as comics. :) I will sure try to hit 72 novels and I also have some short novels, so I will manage to diversify and make the challenge a bit more manageable.

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