Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where am I?

I hope that you are wondering why I haven’t been updating reviews [tell me you are for the sake of my undernourished ego] and I’ll tell you so without any more attention whore gags.

First I have been in a review non-writing funk. The writer in me as in the fiction writer has demanded some spotlight time and my review writing persona has announced that it shall only read for the time being, but I am whipping him into submitting to my will and new reviews ought to pop up soon.

In the mean time enjoy me at these places:

1. I’ve been given a free book by Ana in exchange for a review. I accepted the deal and ended up with the most emotional conflict-inducing novel of all time. I’m speaking of Kenyon’s “Born of Night”. It drove me insane in the good and the bad way and I think the review is quite funny from what I usually write.

2. I was also invited by esteemed colleague John Ottinger to guest post, while he’s away with his family on a trip. I was intrigued by the topic of genres, so I posed the question: “Are We Post-Genre?”. In the end I hope it is an engaging read, if not much a cause for wide discussion among people.

PS: While I am at it, I will be making a re-appearance over at the Smugglers in the last week of their celebration month called "Smugglivius". After that I plan on usurping a spot on their site as well, because I am an attention whore. But first I shall dazzle and charm them with my Eastern European good-natured-ness.

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