Sunday, December 27, 2009

Reviewer Time: The 2009 Summary

We’ve reached the end of the year [almost, but this is the last Sunday in 2009 and the last day to talk about my interview feature] and I am sharing the spirit to look back and evaluate what has been achieved in this year. My reviewer year has been interesting with its ups and downs, but nothing more memorable that bursts to be shared with anybody apart from the Reviewer Time feature.

To be quite honest before the Reviewer Time was born I had an even more massive idea about Blogger TV, which should have started January 2008 and run with interviews, announcements and videos on three blogs: mine and two other very distinctive ones. However life changes and I learned that this would not bear fruit and I discarded the idea, until it resurfaced small scale around April, when my official bloggerversary is. I would interview the reviewers and that would be my landmark upon the blogger-sphere and here we have the Reviewer Time.

Every once in awhile I get delusional that whatever I start will mutate into great success, but as an active daydreamer I often aim for the farthest stars. Did I succeed in leaving a mark in this ever growing and changing environment? Eh, let’s not get ahead of reality here. I can’t say that what I did from May till December elevated me to the quality material that some bloggers have been outputting, but this is a good start and there are always upcoming seasons.

Did I have fun? Yes, I did. I had the opportunity to interview twenty eight dedicated book reviewers and turn them from names on the side bar into individuals with things to say [even though all I did was let them speak, so nothing much on my part]. From these interviews I learned a lot about deadlines, dedication, persistency and the art of interviewing people. In the future I consider changing the format in order to better showcase reviewers, swap questions and improve the feature’s overall quality.

I also started this feature with the intent to connect with bloggers and establish relationships and with some I had an instant click, which has made these weekly Q&A sessions worth it.

Verdict: Overall I think that this is a solid beginning, if not the dashing success my original master plan envisioned. There is only one thing to do, thank you all for making this possible, because if it wasn’t for you guys there wouldn’t be interviews to post. May the upcoming 2010 bring you many books and personal success.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Please continue with your aspirations in 2010! I only recently discovered your site and have enjoyed the content.

Harry Markov said...

Thanks Alex, I am glad that you find it enjoyable. I will resume with the feature in February 2010.

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