Sunday, November 1, 2009

Side Note: Reviewer Time & New Schedule

Another month is up the alley and a whole new line-up for "Reviewer Time" has been recruited, the first of which you will be introduced to today. After the week from Hell has passed I hope to work at a steadier pace. So here people are the new interviewees and their corresponding dates.

01.11: Larry from "OF Blog of the Fallen"
08.11: SMD from "World in a Satin Bag"
15.11: Ben from "Speculative Fiction Junkie"
22.11: Liz & Mark from "My Favorite Books" [this time for real]
29.11: Mark from "Walker of Worlds"

Now doesn't that sound exciting.

And from November I am going to show my face here a lot less than I have. I managed to achieve a satisfactory amount of activity for the past two months, but the blog has usurped the throne of my priorities and in the end of the day I am a writer and a not a reviewer as a calling, so I will pop up on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Since I am more or less obliged to support several blogs my reviews will be diverse for all places. Of course exceptions will be made, when I feel in the mood and have completed my other activities before getting to "Temple Library Reviews". This will also help me with the speed with which I have to read and ease up on the tension to deliver all the time. In the mean time I shall be working on a few loose ends I have left as far as organization here goes and expect me to come up with a weird new thing to post on here.

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