Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Link Report: 29-11-09

Okay, I am getting back to the link posts of love since they are great filler posts and also now that I have a strategy to them I think will be awesomely easy to assemble. Plus I hope that people finally get the idea and return the linky love. Seriously now, fellow bloggers, stroke my ego one post a month.


Robert Thompson makes a return on FBC to review Scalzi's "God Engines", which reminds me that I want to own that novella. Donations are welcome.

Carl V. has decided to return from whence he had disappeared to and presents the following noteworthy review: Eclipse Three edited Jonathan Strahan and Boneshaker by Cherie Priest.

We make a return stop at FBC to read Liviu's review of "Imager's Challenge" by L.E. Modesitt, Jr., which left me positively charmed.

Then we are off to the Book Smugglers, where Ana disses "Magicians" by Lev Grossman and I had to laugh all the way through, because she is quite passionate about why it didn't work for her. And at the same time we have Aiden at "A Dribble of Ink" to enjoy the novel.

From the Book Smugglers I have included two more reviews that piqued my radar: "The Mermaid Madness" by Jim C. Hines and "Madame Xanadu". From Thea, because so far everything has been Ana's reading, we have "Tainted" by Julie Kenner.

Adele over at UN:BOUND has an excellent review of "Silver" by Steve Savile, which according to talk with her is like Dan Brown minus the shitty writing.

Graeme reviews "The Infernal City" by Greg Keyes. I wouldn't mind reading it, but the exclusive quality puts a damper on my addiction.

NEWS and Tid Bits:

I am not surprised that I am returning back to the Book Smugglers, who are staging a circus and well I am going to participate, so it's worth to mention the Smugglivus opening doors December. The Book Smugglers are also welcomed into the family of, which makes me extremely happy and extremely envious yet again. But given the amount of work they do, it's only natural they get recruited. It is also only a matter of time, until the Unholy Trinity unites again.

Carl V. is officially in his forties and the bastard has received too many good presents to make me envious as hell.

Tor.Com has Irene Gallo over to talk about "The covers that got away"

Graeme has a copy of "Small Miracles" by Edward Lerner to give to some lucky American or Canadian winner.

Umberto Eco will be returning with a new book and Larry from "OF Blog of the Fallen" has a bookgasm.

Tia Nevitt over at Debuts & Reviews has a post about the Authors who are Great Bloggers.

SMD has a stab at the Harlequin Situation and while I have read so many other posts on the subject this is as good as breakdown as any. I am not seeing Harlequin ever living after this one.


Tia said...

As bloggers, Ana and Thea are in a class by themselves. I admire their energy!

Harry Markov said...

Yeah, I admire that energy as well. :)

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