Monday, November 16, 2009

Check out: "A Mage of None Magic"

This Monday I am reviewing at "Fantasy and SciFi Lovin' News and Reviews" with my review of "A Mage of None Magic" by A. Christopher Drown.

Folklore tells how magic came to be when evil gods shattered the fabled gem known as the Heart of the Sisters. Those same stories speak of the Heart being healed and unleashing a power that will bring the end of humankind.

While travelling to begin his magical studies , young apprentice Niel suddenly finds himself at the center of the Heart’s terrifying legend. Caught in a whirlwind of events that fractures the foundation of everything he’s believed, Niel learns his role in the world may be far more important than he ever could have imagined, or ever would have wished.

A Mage of None Magic begins an extraordinary adventure into a perilous land where autocratic magicians manipulate an idle aristocracy, where common academia struggles for validation, and where after ages of disregard the mythical refuses to be ignored any longer.

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Nina said...

It sounds wonderful and i like the cover of this book. Very good.

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