Friday, October 23, 2009


I have been substituting reading with watching television, which naturally means that I am behind on my reading. The sudden buzz around the book circles that dabble more into books outside the speculative fiction that there will be a 24-Hour-Read-a-thon offered both a great way to at least chug up 3-4 short titles, restrain from using the computer and forget that the week leading to Halloween will kick my ass academically and creatively. I know I shouldn't be doing this for various reasons, but I don't want to play safe all the time.

As it happens my camera is enjoying a country tour with my mother as she is on a commercial tour with Russian executives in preparation for the winter tourist season 2009 and summer 2010 season. So I will be giving you the list with cover titles stolen from the Internet. I am a bit under the energy bar to post summaries and such, so click on the images for information.

I am not sure I will cope with everything, because I know how slow of a reader I am, but nevertheless this will help my schedule for November immensely.


Kate T said...

I'm glad you're given the readathon a shot! It looks like you have a pretty good pile of books to keep you awake and reading. Good luck!

Harry Markov said...

@ Kate: It is something to motivate me read and fulfil my plans for the upcoming month. I just need to sleep early tonight and get a move on tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I am attempting this as well, though I highly doubt I will be staying awake for the full 24 hours, especially since it is now after midnight and I am still awake. For once, I am going to try and stay off the computer except to write reviews for the books I finish (I really don't want to fall behind for that and I like to do them while they are fresh in my mind).

Plan on finishing up Canticle by Ken Scholes, then I have three short books I can work on: Night of Knives by Esslemont, The Guards by Ken Bruen, and Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs.

Harry Markov said...

You will do fine. I am calling it quits though. I will argue my motives behind it.

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