Monday, October 19, 2009

The Missed Date & Contemplations

Originally yesterday was supposed to be the interview scheduled with Liz and Mark from "My Favorite Books", but due to mild sickness I was unable to provide the questions in time. It just shows how when the weather surprises you [in my case getting showered down by ice cold rain, when ten minutes earlier it was hot and sunny] there is not much you can do than recuperate. Thankfully I caught mild, yet annoying symptoms: coughing, headaches, stuffed nose and a sense of exhaustion in general.

This however managed to completely screw with the fragile balance I have built between educational life, social life, reviewer responsibilities and writer responsibilities. I begin to think that I may have opted for more than I can actually handle. From a practical point of view I have to cut back on my activities, which after much prioritizing means to shut down Temple Library Reviews. It's not an actual plan, just a realization that when reality presses, something has got to give and I am sure that this form of blogging will go first.

Have you had such situations, when you realized that the axe will eventually fall on your blog? I am asking, because we have one great blogger Matt Staggs leave the reviewing scene after some reordering of his priorities and needs. And how far do you think you can push that moment away as far as possible?


Ana said...

Oh noes


Harry Markov said...

It's just a contemplation silly. I will plague you guys for a long long time.

Ana said...

Oh phew, there is nothing NOTHING I love more than to be plagued by you , Harryster!

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