Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Week: 26.10 - 01.11

My Halloween Week event will be quite smaller in comparison to what is brewing over at The Book Smugglers, but when have they not pulled something at a grand scale. Thea, it seems, has taken over the blog and poor Ana is dragged on for the ride. I highly recommend stopping by there and marvel their handiwork.

Although I have different things planned for different days daily posts in the same vein will pop up throughout the week. The main background will be the seven part review “Hellbound Hearts” will receive as special treatment for being an awesome anthology. I have planned to feature singular posts dedicated for the most famous monsters and their art representations.

Monday: Ana & Thea from “The Booksmugglers” are here to answer some of my funny questions connected with the horror genre in general. I hope you laugh as much as I have while reading their answers.

Tuesday: I will provide chart lists and interesting threads on Halloween costumes as well as my Top 10 of underappreciated and exotic monsters that need to be present in the genre more and not be overlooked.

Wednesday: I reserve this day for my special movie stash dedicated for a Halloween movie marathon. Horror will be a prevailing genre, but expected a few parodies, comedies and the weirdo choices.

Thursday: I have this special little feature called “Gather the 13”, which will pose a question about horror, myths and lore and thirteen bloggers from different cultural background and genre preferences will answer this question from their cultural background.

Friday: I shall review the horror classic “Frankenstein” by Marry Shelley, which will be the only review I will provide on a book as much as I regret it, but Halloween is too fun to focus only on literature.

Saturday: It’s Halloween people, thus the MAIN attraction. I have called [more like e-mailed] several horror authors and posed a question to their attention, which they have answered and if you have wondered what has scared these masters of horror and dark fiction, then stay tuned.

Sunday: The Halloween aftermath with chart lists about superheroes, saviors and horror magazines and videos for your delight.

Sounds like fun, eh? Hope you enjoy.

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