Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Anthology Spot: "Subterfuge" [Introduction Spot]

As per with the last anthology I had the pleasure of reading “The Living Dead” I will be segmenting the review of “Subterfuge” into several posts of three stories. I am expecting a lot smoother run this time with five posts of short stories to come and a closing one with general and summarized feedback.

Here is the official introduction:

The book features a cover by award winning artist Andy Bigwood and fifteen original stories, themed on Subterfuge: A clever device or strategy used to evade a rule, escape a consequence, or to hide something.'

Presenting original fantasy from the likes of Tanith Lee, Juliet E. McKenna, Neil Williamson and Sarah Singleton, SF from John Meaney, Neal Asher, Pat Cadigan, Tony Ballantyne and Jaine Fenn, slipstream from Gary Couzens and more...

Full contents:

1. John Meaney – Emptier than Void
2. Jaine Fenn – Collateral Damage
3. Gary Couzens – Jubilee Summer

4. Juliet E. McKenna – Noble Deceit
5. Pat Cadigan – Tales from the Big Dark: Lie of the Land
6. Neil Williamson – Moth
7. Tony Ballantyne – Underbrain
8. Tanith Lee – Under Fog (The Wreckers)
9. Sarah Singleton – They Left the City at Night
10. Steve Longworth – The God Particle
11. Una McCormack – The Great Gig in the Sky
12. Nik Ravenscroft – Time, Like an Ever-Rolling Stream
13. Neal Asher – The Rhine’s World Incident
14. Nick Wood -- Thirstland
15. Dave Hutchinson – Multitude

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