Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reviews: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

"Horn" by Ball, Peter

"Claimed by Shadow" by Chance, Karen
"Embrace the Night" by Chance, Karen

"Unstable Environment" by Colette, Marcia

"Nightwalker" by Drake, Jocelynn

"Inkheart" by Funke, Cornelia

"Black Magic Woman" by Gustainis, Justin
"Evil Ways" by Gustainis, Justin

"The 12th Demon: Vampyre Majick" by Hennigan, Bruce

"Seaborn" by Howard, Chris

"Dark Maiden" by Lehr, Norma

"The Calling" by Mack, David

"Unleashed" by Reisz, Kristopher

"Harvest of Changelings" by Rochelle, Warren

"Bleak History"
by Shirley, John

"Savor Me Slowly" by Showalter, Gena
"Awaken Me Darkly" by Showalter, Gena
"Seduce the Darkness" by Showalter, Gena

"Afterlife" by Smith, Guy

"The Taste of Night" by Pettersson, Vicki
"Schent of Shadows" by Pettersson, Vicki

"Rogue" by Vincent, Rachel

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