Monday, September 7, 2009

Lucky Me or "Dear Lady Luck,"

You give some, you lose some and sometimes even you win some. This is life. Part time excruciating, part time a game of chance and full time rocket powered carousel. I was able to bestow a bookcase to a very lucky person, but I didn’t get short listed in any category for the BBAW, which didn’t surprise me as much. I still thank the person, who nominated me and gave me a couple of hours of daydreaming. I appreciate those hours dearly. Reminded of the BBAW I realized that perhaps I am not going to participate, because my semester overlaps with my last two weeks of my summer job and I plan on having blogger friends over, but I may get to post something. No promises.

Nevertheless life managed to surprise me and almost make up for the runny roof that ruined a good number of our furniture. First, there is my involvement with Bellezza’s Japanese Reading Challenge. I almost never read anything so far, but I managed to win one of her fantastic giveaway sets. Just look at these darlings:

This includes a Moleskine Album, two Japanese pencils and three collectable erasers shaped as my most favorite thing after books, food.

Materialistic urges sated, it was time to mend my depleted self-esteem. This happened thanks to Mark David over at “Absorbed in Words”, who was gracious enough to present me the Kreativ Blogger Award.

List seven of your favorite things . . . and then choose seven people who deserve this. Whether it’s their writing style, their background layout, or blog content, decide whatever factor or factors that make the nominees’ blog creative and stand out.

Without further ado, here are the seven things I adore.

* That would be mythology, legends and folklore. It got me where I am today and how I view the world.
* I don’t drink that much, but when I do I am sure to order Cuba Libre. I’ll die without.
* Being the essential sloth, I can’t describe to you how much I love to doze off, tucked in and sprawled in a weird position.
* Impractical reading position. I can’t read sitting on a chair or lying on a bed. I have to be twisted or bent or with parts of my boding hanging. Probably the reason, why I haven’t been able to read as fast.
* Smell of printed pages. Old, new. It doesn’t matter. As long as I get to smell these pages I’m in heaven.
* Vegetation. Forests, gardens, fields… I can simply grow roots right on the spot.
* Singing, when nobody is in the same room or when my sister is in the room. I like changing my voice and over exaggerate, but I still sound like a dying animal.

Anyway, as far as my nominations for seven talented people, who deserve this… I can’t and I won’t name any, because as long I am following their blogs, then to me they are equally talented, creative and well versed. And yes, this is a way to cheat the system and not get to do the tedious linking task. That aaaand the fact that Mark David names people I wanted to name too and made picking new ones a hard, hard task.

PS: I managed to forget that the one and only Velvet host of the Zombie Week Reading Challenge has promised to send me a copy of "Generation Dead" by Daniel Waters. If you have been reading my comments on reviews for this novel, then you know I was ready to beg on my hands and knees to get it. THANK YOU, VELVET! *done shouting*


Anonymous said...

Not being shortlisted for the BBAW does not a poor blogger make.

As to the things which uplifted you this week? Hooray, you deserve them!

Harry Markov: daydream said...

Oh, it was said more or less in jest. I am not so struck by the fact I wasn't short listed. The awards are still young and it will take around 10 or 20 runs to give them the Oscar appeal. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Llehn said...

Generation Dead is definitely on my TBR list!

Harry Markov: daydream said...

So far I only hear good things about it, so I am pretty excited myself.

Mark David said...

Congratulations on all these Harry. You know we all just love your site :)

Suko said...

Congrats on your prizes (the erasers are so cute) and your award!

I, too, was nominated for BBAW awards but not shortlisted. Oh, well. I was happy just to be nominated. : )

Harry Markov: daydream said...

Thank you Mark for the nomination. It means so much. :)

And Suko, a lot of blogs got nominated, so it's natural that select few that are more well known would be short listed. Still it was major fun.

Mary Ann DeBorde said...

Mary D
zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

I am glad you had some uplifting, we all need it from time to time :)

I think your blog is super, btw!!!

Harry Markov: daydream said...

Mary: Thank you for the compliment. It's always a pleasure to hear such compliments after so many hours devoted to TLR.

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