Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BBAW Reading Meme

Do you snack while you read? If so, favorite reading snack?

Sadly, I don’t because my coordination will always result in a stain on the pristine pages and I am a bit of a neat freak, when it comes to books, so I avoid it, but I wouldn’t deny a chocolate bar, while reading an e-book.
Do you tend to mark your books as you read, or does the idea of writing in books horrify you?

I would say horrify, but I am certainly too lazy to start writing in books for sure and my hand writing is not one of high aesthetic quality.

How do you keep your place while reading a book? Bookmark? Dog-ears? Laying the book flat open?

I use bookmarks usually, but I have chewed all of my collection recently, so know I rely on my memory and stolen business cards from my working place. *grin*
Fiction, Non-fiction, or both?

Fiction, because non-fiction feels like a text book and I have developed an allergy towards these types of books.

Hard copy or audiobooks?

Hard copy or e-book all the way, because to be honest I easily loose track and the reader’s voice can easily become background noise.
If you come across an unfamiliar word, do you stop to look it up right away?

I’ll either go with context or just plain list it down and then look it up.
What are you currently reading?

I am still stuck on “Scar Night” by Allan Campbell, which is an amazing novel that life keeps pushing away from my hands. I am also in 1/5 in the “Subterfuge” anthology neglected by poor memory. *sigh*

What is the last book you bought?

“Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Zafon. Regrettably it’s the Bulgarian translation, but better to read it as it is rather than hope to get it in English.

Are you the type of person that only reads one book at a time or can you read more than one at a time?

Only one sadly. My focus and memory surpass only the overly elderly, which is not much of a compliment and not useful, when I want to read at least 3 books at the same time.

Do you have a favorite time of day and/or place to read?

Not really. I’d say afternoon, because I read then most often, but time of the day doesn’t have much of an effect on my reading speed and habits.

Do you prefer series books or stand alone books?

If I can get all books in a series in a timely manner, I’d go for series, but with my stupid memory I might forget what happened in previous installments, so I’d be more of a standalone guy.

Is there a specific book or author that you find yourself recommending over and over?

I’d like to mention Kaaron Warren a lot recently.

How do you organize your books?

People do that? Like for real...


Alec said...

“Shadow of the Window”. LOL.... must be a great translation!

Memory said...

I love your answer to the last question!

Harry Markov: daydream said...

@ Alec: I haven't read it yet, but I pray it to be a good one. I can't rely on ever getting a copy from UK or the US.

@ Memory: Yeah, it was a weird question that left me amazed. I know there are people that do that, the majority, but it's quite wondrous, considering how chaotic I am.

Hagelrat said...

Actually your newest book is the lovely shiny one in the post right now!! Also, turns out posting to you is really cheap, especially compared to the US. :)

I would love to get my books organised, but until they are all in one room there is little point. Right now the most organised I am is my many many cookbooks live int he dining room.

Harry Markov: daydream said...

Oh, shiny. I can't wait. :) Thank you sweetness. My organization is limited to books I am reading to be on tope of a pile under my desk. HAHAHAH.

PS: I fixed that typo....

Bellezza said...

I wish I'd saved my copy of Shadow of The Wind for you. Alas, I gave it away (or threw it out?) in disgust. I think I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't adore that book.

I agree with you that nonfiction tends to resemble a textbook. I keep wondering what paper I'll have to write when I finish it...

vvb32 reads said...

i can totally relate to your answers. it's eery.

btw: you've just been awarded

Harry Markov: daydream said...

@ Bellezza: You are fine lady and horror does not befit you as a person. This is what I can say from reading your blog for so long. :) For every book you love there will be one written that will never win your heart over.

@ Velvet: Another one? Quite generous. Thank you so much. :) I will get to posting about theme eventually, but not until the end of the months sadly.

Kate T said...

I just found your site through your BBAW interview and I enjoyed reading it so much I looked up your blog. I'm new to the whole book blogging scene so it's always good to stumble upon funny and amusing blogs. I too avoid non fiction like the plague unless it's written by a comedian.

Harry Markov: daydream said...

@ Kate: Check your Facebook!! I have an offer I hope you couldn't possibly refuse.

Anyway, thank you so much. I am not sure I am as funny as I can be here, but I turn vile more often than not sadly.

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