Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August in Review

Do you have those moments as a book blogger or as an avid reader, when it feels as if life has been bugging you nonstop and you just can’t read all the books you want in the world? And what is a worse fate than knowing that you have so many books to read with so limited time in one’s life.

I feel that way, especially now that I have been juggling with job and other real life tasks and responsibilities. It’s a miracle I managed so many posts in August, but I do need a objective look back to see what I have accomplished in order to quiet the voice in the back of my head that I am a complete slob. So I guess I will start these monthly round-ups to sum what I have been doing and possibly feel good about my reading habits.

Here goes my list for August in Reviews and I am narrowing down to strictly book reviews, unless I get on comic book frenzy again:

‘The Calling’ by David Mack

‘Afterlife’ by Guy Smith

‘Slights’ by Kaaron Warren

‘Moxyland’ by Lauren Beukes

‘A Darkness Forged in Fire’ by Chris Evans

‘The Light of Burning Shadows’ by Chris Evans

Considering that I still managed two more novels during the busiest ever recorded month of my life I find this to be encouraging that I can do better with more time on my hands. I am not sure how September will roll down, when my summer job overlaps with the beginning of university’s semester, but I plan on solving this problem with a help from my blog friends. Stay tuned for the dramatic climax on that.


Cindy said...

I do find sometimes that I just can't read a all. It's like I hit a wall or something. This is usually when I have a lot going on personally which make it hard to read. Sometimes I'll escape into middle reader books because it's easier to pick up and down, but sometimes it's really hard.

Kristopher said...

I know exactly how you feel. Right now, there's a bunch of books I want to read but seems to be less and less time to them all.

Even when I do get free time, I'm usually to worn out to make reading anything but another chore. All I want to do is vegetate and stare at the TV.

Harry Markov: daydream said...

Cindy: I can relate to that. There is a week long period every three months or so, when I do not want to touch a book. Right about then I prefer the comfort of twenty pages comic book chapters.

Kristopher: I hear you on being too tired. That's how I usually am after work, which is this summer on 12 hour shifts. I am surprised at myself for such reading done this summer at all.

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