Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lady Gaga is from Outer Space

Strange enough, when it comes to music I am addicted to whatever trend hits the charts. It's like my brain shuts off completely, whenever the newest track starts playing on the radio and quality in music is a characteristic I completely ignore. Britney? Bring her on. Pussycat Dolls? Why not. Katy Perry? Sure. Lady Gaga? Hell, yes!

At the same time I also adore low-brow humor. Yes, even the demeaning and straight forward idiotic low-brow. So when these two passions meet, I get to watch an awesome video over at YouTube. Venetian Princess is an awesome song writer/singer with the magic ability to render any current pop sensation in a hilarity parade. Her parodies, even amateur, are still good enough to listen and laugh. Basically a female Weird-Al.

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