Friday, August 14, 2009

Hint Fiction Anthology

Through a very caring friend and writer I learned that there are calls for this new anthology, which is going to be compiled from stories labelled as Hint Fiction. For everybody, who is as clueless as me about what Hint Fiction is, I am going to enlighten. Apparently Micro Fiction decided to slim down even further and thus a new genre is born, where stories are set at the pretty number 25 words.

Since time has pressed me yet again I am going to withhold my thoughts on the genre appearance, which I deem as interesting. Hemingway wrote a story in six words, so I am generally for experimenting with length. It proves to all that language can command quite an authority even in the modest of word counts. The reason I am posting this and not idly forgetting is that notifying you people earns me rights to send in a third submission. Anyway, wish me luck and here is the article:

These are the official guidelines for the anthology.

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