Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Green Lantern: First Flight

Whenever a comic character sees the animated heavens of a feature film I am always pumped and can barely contain myself. So far I haven’t been disappointed by either Marvel or DC production, which made the choice to watch “Green Lantern: First Flight” quite logical. To be honest I found it entertaining despite the obvious plot, which I think is due to the fact that DC’s green corps are uncharted waters for me. What I think I know has been spoon fed to me through the JLA Unlimited animated series.

The voice actors chosen for the lead cast is strong and experienced. Hal Jordan is voiced by Christopher Meloni, who has an impressive amount of credentials in both big-screen and silver-screen productions. Victor Garber, Sydney’s father in Alias, gives his voice to main villain Sinestro, while Tricia Helfer, Number Six from Battlestar Gallactica, voices Boodikka, who is a traitor in disguise. Kilowog is none other than Michael Madsen. I find this to be an impressive crew and it explains why the superhero dialogue distinctive for its abuse of one-liners and bickering/ teasing [something the scriptwriters avoided] passed as believable, when it usually fails to transfer from comic books to the big screen.

“Green Lantern: First Flight” rewinds to the point where Sinestro switches sides, betrays the Green Corps to control the yellow element and aspires to create a new world order. All with good intentions in mind. I hope there are no surprises here, since Sinestro is one of the JLA’s most known villains or so I think. Along with transition from paragon of justice to a mad dictator-in-the-making there is the initiation of Hal Jordan from a mistrusted earthling to a well respected new addition to the Green Corps.

I can’t exactly say it was the best animated movie ever, because it consisted of well executed moments that keep the interest and then there were ‘what were they thinking’ moments. I liked the Sinestro’s transition from calmly calculative to violent and blunt in his use of power. The gradual slipping of his mask appeared authentic, although obvious. As a person, who is uneducated with Green Corps relationships, I couldn’t predict Boodikka’s betrayal, not even pick up a back stabbing vibe. Moving away from the characters and into the action I can say that the movie doesn’t disappoint. The green element is used often enough in quite a few ways, but I find that the general mimicry of everyday earth objects and constructs limit the possibilities of the power. I can’t say it’s a bad thing, but wish to insert that a hail storm of energy would be awesome.

On the not so awesome side is Hal Jordan’s character, who doesn’t seem to be bothered with being abducted in the midst of plane tests and accept things from aliens. Even the most laid back individuals experience some kind of shock, when an extra terrestrial is inserted in their lives. Not Hal apparently, who even controls the ring with relative ease as if he has spent ages in training, which apparently is a necessity. He is a natural at being a Corp, which we get since the ring chose him, but it all happens too fast and too easily. The only other unpleasant moment concerns the Guardians. As Immortals and the creators of the Green Lantern, I envisioned them as wise men and in the movie I watched a senile group of bantering senior citizens. Thankfully their role in the movie is insignificant enough to let it soil too much of the experience.

I can recommend it. It’s good and makes the time fly by, which is useful during a smoldering afternoon or a rainy day, when there is nothing to do.


The Mad Hatter said...

I just watched this last night. I was pleasantly surprised by First Flight and how much teh writers fit in from the whole Green Lantern mythos. I do agree Hal took all of it a bit too easily. Especially getting use to his powers. But Sinestro was great. I wonder if they are setting up for a Sinestro Corp war in movie format?

Harry Markov: daydream said...

As I said I am not a reader of the Green Lantern series, so I can't compare, but from actor cast to what I feel is a good script, this is a good production.

I hope they make more corps movies, because as it turns out there are plenty of color elements and corps to go with. :)

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