Monday, July 13, 2009

Reviewer Time: Doug []

Due to technical difficulties and busy schedule, Doug wasn’t able to get around to answering my questions. As of right now the interview option will be unavailable although my hopes lay to only postponed. As luck would have it though for those interested in reading an interview starring Doug, check out his recent one done with author Marta Acosta on Vampire Wire. It is quite informative and enjoyable.

Nevertheless despite the obvious delay I decided to publish commentary to stay true to the purpose of the Reviewer Time event, interview or not. For fans of paranormal romance and urban fantasy, is a must-have in their Bookmarks. For one is run by a very intelligent and funny man, but dedicated to genres usually associated with women. This is a curiosity that will attract readers in order to see what opinions a man voices at stories typically discussed by female reviewers. This is the logic I am following the very least.

The blog title is a tad deceptive, but I do promise the reader will find nothing related to sci-fi as a direction and genre choice. When the site loads, the blog banner pretty much shows through a strip of covers, where the site’s interests lieu. Doug himself is an avid sci-fi fan, but his blog indulges in his love for the newest speculative fiction offspring. Comprehensive, structured and informative exceeds all expectations, considering the blog being kept and updated by a sole reviewer. I always admire punctuality as a quality in a person and every day one can find new content of interest. From weekly round-up posts of the latest news to cover announcements, press releases and previews, anything and everything urban fantasy and paranormal romance related can be found, sifted and sorted out. As of recently, judging by my irregular reading habits, loyal readers can enjoy a monthly releases list with the newest and hottest books. Another great plus that I like to push to the foreground is the meticulous schedule of author events and appearances, which is a fine idea for every reviewer to do.

Perhaps I go into repetition with my opinions regarding bloggers/reviewers, but it’s fairly easy to fall into this habit, when you speak of the institutions and when you look at, it’s basically a standout name among bloggers in this field. His reviews I can’t quite judge, since they differ in length and topic range, depending on what impact a book has left upon him as a reader. In this sense his reviews are written in a more conversational style in order to highlight most of the story’s plot and what was enjoyable and what didn’t work out. This is an approach I have grown to appreciate in times, when my mind is tired or overworked and I just want to get a basic concept and vibe about a title rather than a detailed inspection of every detail.
All in all, a good place to visit regularly.


Marta said...

Hi, thanks for mentioning my Q&A with Doug, aka SciFi Guy on my Vampire Wire blog. I think he's made a real contribution genre reviews in the short time that he's blogged. He is a standout reviewer!

Harry Markov: daydream said...

Hey Marta,

Always a pleasure and I am flattered you stopped by. Yes, he is a standout for sure. Quite had to be in the spotlight.

SciFiGuy said...

Thanks again for feature Harry. Maybe you can do a guest post over my way some time :)

Harry Markov: daydream said...

I am always game dude. :)

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