Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The TV Special: Slight Bend in Rules

This is the final day of my group reviews and this time I will cover the silver screen, which is not exactly fitting the MOVIE week experience, but there are some worthy of mention cases that I deem interesting. Mind you I am not backing down with the spoilers.

I heard a couple of friends, the ones, who love demented anything, talk about the new mystery drama “Harper’s Island” as if it is the greatest thing ever. So, wherever the peeps go I follow and I must say I am not disappointed. First I got a surprise and saw the guy from Betty and was “Are you serious?”, but then I saw Ruby and Bobby from Supernatural, so I relaxed. The brutal murder in the very beginning, gone unnoticed by everybody also helped along the way. As far as I get it, every episode a person out of these 26 that had gone on a wedding party on Harper’s Island will die without mercy. I am surprised that the pilot treated you two a decapitation and a slicing in two. The eerie music had me placing morgue tags on people all the time. If only all murder mysteries could be more like “Harper’s Island”.

Now let’s get down to business with the world of comedy. It’s a first, since I am not that well equipped to review comedy as a genre, but I believe in spreading the word, when there is a reason to. This is the case with “Important Things with Demetri Martin”, the brand new Comedy Central TV show, which started this February. Demetri is an ambidextrous skater dude/folk singer/one man band with complete mastery of slant expression and zombie one tone voice. Standup comedy has never been as strange as this and the guy gives his everything to make us laugh. Every episode is centered on an important thing such as power, chairs, timing and coolness to name a few and the fun starts. Large pads, sketches, jokes and creepy musical numbers are his tools of trade, presented in the minimum of complexity. You should watch this.

Third stop is obvious, but I am so thrilled that “Mythbusters” will continue to make me envious that I don’t understand science at all and that I don’t get to know Keri, but alas real life is a cruel mistress. I usually don’t follow the series schedules to see when or whether a new season will popping up anytime soon, so an all time favorite with a new set of episodes is always a surprise and the “Demolition Derby Special” made squeal at the carnage. Personally I am not into car myths, but when physics magically turns cars into metal Play Doh I am all ears and eyes and whatever you need. This time they started as small as possible and crash cars into fruit stands, fences, trailers and after that dropped a car from 4000 feet, while another raced with gravity on who would be first. Then there were trucks colliding into one another and after that rockets thrown in the mix. Everything seems bigger and more destructive and it’s essential that the Mythbusters continue to outdo themselves, though I am not sure how they do it.


T.D. Newton said...

I totally LOVE "Important Things". My wife and I record it every week (on DVR), but we've known about Demetri Martin for a long time. If you can find it, watch his original 30-minute Comedy Central Presents special. Totally hilarious.

daydream said...

Well I am slow on the TV front. It's not like I live there to catch it immediately. Anyways do you refer to the "Person" one hour performance or something else, because maybe what I watched could have been composed from the special?

T.D. Newton said...

Well Comedy Central does a lot of them so they're called "Comedy Central Presents" as the title. The Nick Swardson and Jim Gaffigan ones are hilarious, too, but I don't know where you'd find them.

daydream said...

I only get what passes through the major national torrent channels and I have no idea, where these people get their material. I could technically make a request, but I am not the right rank, because I never seed or anything, so I am just going with the flow.

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