Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"The Ninth Avatar" by Todd Newton

Today’s book shout out and announcement is a slightly different than the ones I have done over the nearly a year of doing the reviewer gig. I am for the first time to announce the release of a self-published novel, something you probably have sensed, seeing the cover is not your usual glossy big publisher production. Also please don’t run from this post as if it will transmit some sort of brain disease. There has been a lot of bias and disdainful attitude towards self published books, which in its roots is understandable and I can relate to. I have the burnt fingers as proof of that, but before we condemn all self published books as crap and waste of money, let us remind ourselves that not every book published the traditional way has contributed to the excellence of literature and that gems can be found anywhere, plus self publishing has come to stay, so we might as hell give it a chance. Small rant aside I shall now present “The Ninth Avatar” by Todd Newton.

“The Ninth Avatar”, Todd Newton's debut novel, is an epic fantasy about Starka, an incest-accused outcast girl who receives a disturbing prophecy. She seeks the courage to become the leader of her entire faith while those she meets along the way battle to save the world. As the girl travels through warring nations, Starka meets sorcerers and warriors alike who aid her in the fight against the evil Carrion and their leader.

The book is available to purchase through and on A free podcast version will also be release via in the coming weeks. You can email the author ( to inquire about a signed copy with free shipping!


T.D. Newton said...

Hey, thanks for the shout! I really appreciate it!

daydream said...

One more time to make it final I don't even know why I am replying. No big. :) [oh, yeah I can't leave a comment unanswered] :)

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