Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Michiko to Hatchin"

Anime has a variety of genres, but the holy trinity so far have been fantasy/paranormal, sci-fi and the romantic dramas. In between the cracks fall the so called slice of life and more toned down on fantasy images story lines. “Michiko to Hatchin” slides in between all cracks and enthralls because it’s totally different than the majority of series on the market.

The core in the story revolves around the adventures of Michiko Malandro and Hannah Morenos, who travel through an amazing colorful world based on the fiery Latin American countries in search of Hannah’s father and also Michiko’s one true love Hiroshi Morenos. There are no fantasy or sci-fi elements. Just a fugitive from the toughest female prison and an orphan living the life of fugitives always on the run on a big blue bike.

Every episode is a story on its own, a sort of animated series vignettes, which are connected only through the main purpose of finding Hiroshi. Genre wise the series doesn’t fit in a single category, but uses the very popular slapstick comedy elements and an interesting shade of physical comedy in moments to relieve of tension and the interaction between the main characters, who share personalities; a predicament, which ensues hilarity. Then again we have police drama elements with car chases, assassins, hostage situations, gang wars and lots of gun shooting.

Compelling to watch are the main characters, who also manage to dodge the pretty much popular anime factory. Michiko is a smoldering Adriana Lima with a short fuse, brutish manners, rash and immature behavior, yet with childish naivety and hope that she will find Hiroshi. Hannah is more or less the grown up in this relationship despite being 10 years old and due to her harsh life has matured and later turned into a hard realist with some pessimistic moods. She is prone to burdening herself with all the responsibilities and morality. Their interaction is a recipe for riots, mayhem and turmoil.

Attracting trouble like a black hole the duo passes by a rich and varied group of characters. The human factor in the series is strong and the intent is to show the fractured beings people turn into, when life hits hard. A lying parlor trick fraud of a healer, a former rich girl stripper, a jaded and amoral biologist, developing giant tomatoes and Atsuko Jackson, the detective on Michiko’s tail and also her childhood best friend are to name a few.

The world they inhabit is chaos reincarnated, but beauty can be found in the fractured streets, buildings and people. Overall the series transfix and pull with this mixture of beauty and cruelty, silent despair and stubborn hope.

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