Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hulk vs. Wolverine/Thor

You can never go wrong with superheroes and I am talking not that much about content than about action. I don’t particularly like Hulk as a character, but hey I won’t miss 80 minutes of combined action with Wolverine and Thor. I think Marvel did a great with this little project, because with comic book characters I think fans form two fractions. The first is all about weapons, black ops, combat and missions, which is represented pretty much by Wolverine and then there are of course the mystics, magic, dimensions and gods, which are respectfully represented by Thor. So basically there is something for everybody. As it turns out I like both so enjoyed everything.

“Hulk vs. Wolverine” is the funnier short film. We start with Wolverine chasing a beast known to the U.S military as the Hulk and without information whatsoever in the Canadian wilderness. This part is pretty grim though. People have died in a small town then there is the first fight between both superheroes, which makes them vulnerable to capture by Team X, who still want to make Wolverine a weapon and the Hulk as well. What ensues when both of them are free in the enemy base is quite funny. The animation, since it has been taken by the Japanese animation studio Madhouse, carries that funny slapstick feel with certain highlighted moments to make you chuckle. Plus I always liked Wolverine’s attitude to dangerous situations, but the comedy star was definitely Deadpool. I don’t know him as a character to be sure whether it is part of his design, but in this film he was retarded funny. All in all good show.

“Hulk vs. Thor” is more serious, because Thor is more serious. In this one Loki decides that he will kick his brother’s ass one way or another, so he kidnaps Bruce Banner, separates him from the Hulk and uses the great beast to destroy Asgard, while Odin is sleeping and the evil forces are fighting. But without Bruce inside the beast and also dead to top it off, the Hulk can’t be stopped and you see Thor getting pulverized along everything on Asgard. There are a lot of spells, rituals and a trip to the underworld involved, which all made it quite pleasurable. My only discontent was that 1] Bruce Banner as a human is annoying and like a canary that has learned one phrase “You don’t know what you have done!” and 2] Thor didn’t act as a god of thunder. If he knew the Hulk to be extra dangerous, just nuke him from distance to wear him down and then play all valiant. In the whole film I saw him use the hammer to call his powers like twice and one time was to teleport. In my mind gods are fond of showcase their talents.

All in all, I would have to say, grab a bowl of popcorn and chocolate and have a fun time with these two, if you still haven’t.

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