Monday, December 8, 2008

"Take a Chance" ~ Comic Book Premiere

October proved to be an exciting month for the urban fantasy fans that enjoy comic books to fill in the gaps between book installments. As it turned out and spread like forest fire C.E Murphy, one of the more industrious and prolific authors on the urban fantasy scene, has joined forces with Dabel Brothers Publishing to set a new comic book project into motion called “Take a Chance”. I am using December, the actual release month, to remind people to go out and buy their issues as fast as possible.

The creative team behind “Take a Chance” involves artist Ardian Syaf (”The Dresden Files”), colorist Jason Embury (”Hero By Night”, “Shadowhawk”), letterer Melissa S. Kaercher (”Dr. Blink, Superhero Shrink”), cover artist Scott Clark (”X-Men”, “Stormwatch”), and yes of course writer C.E. Murphy (”The Walker Papers”, “The Negotiator Trilogy”). It is also worth mentioning that the series is creator-owned and available for pre-order. The first volume consists from five mini issues.

The premise sounds interesting enough to give it a shot and grow to love it. I couldn’t have formulated it any better in my own words, so I am quoting the press release:

“Five years ago, Frankie Kemp’s four-year old son was shot and killed in the crossfire of gang warfare. Desperate to do something to protect other children, Frankie became “Chance”, a masked vigilante in a world without superheroes.

However, that all changed when a genetically engineered virus escaped North Korean scientists and spread world-wide. Intended to create a super-soldier program, the virus improved on the basic human template--when it didn't sicken or kill. Now the world is suddenly littered with super-powered beings, and Chance must rediscover her place in the changing world around her.”

For C.E Murphy this has been a five-year road to walk, drive by in a coach pulled by unicorns or to fly on the back on a dragon; depends on how fantastical you want the metaphor to be. She deserves the congratulations for making yet another dream come true. Here is was the happy writer shares with the public.

"Take A Chance has been a years-long pet project, built on the shoulders of my insanely talented artist and colorist, Ardian Syaf and Jason Embury. We've been on a long road, but I was convinced that patience would bring me to the right publisher, and working with the Dabel Brothers has proved me right,” says C.E. Murphy. “They're as excited about the comic as I am, which is saying quite a lot--finally seeing it come to fruition is just amazing.”

And what wonderful fruition this project promises. Apart from the sheer joy of reading a fresh new title set in a new world, the reader will also contribute to the art form that has conquered the modern world. C.E Murphy has solemnly promised that after paying her team she will give out 50% of the proceedings from her first issue to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. If there are people, who don’t know what this Fund does, it preserve the First Amendment rights of comic book shop owners, artists, writers, publishers, and most recently readers from spurious prosecution.

The remaining money will be turned back over into producing further issues of the comic book. When the first five are collected into trade format, 10% of the proceeds on that will also go to the Fund, which means at the end of the day, C.E Murphy rests with not a single dime in her pocket. That is why it is important to be active, when the series debuts. Readers will not only leave with a new world in their hands, but will contribute to the growth and stability of the much beloved comic book industry.



ediFanoB said...

I'm currently reading WATCHMEN and to be honest I get more and more interested in graphic novels. TAKE A CHANCE is really promising. But where can I get it?

daydream said...

I am also reading Watchmen. I am still on issue one, but well I just couldn't find the proper time. I will ahve to get back on the saddle. I am sure that you can pre-order. Check the writer's site for details.

ediFanoB said...

Yesterday I finished chapter 6 of WATCHMEN.

Such a great graphic novel.

I checked writer's site but there was no possibility to pre-order for people from Europe.

daydream said...

I guess that means it's an US release only. What you can do, if you have friends in the US, is to arrange it so that they buy and send it to and you pay them. Not sure how that will work.

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