Monday, November 3, 2008

Winner: "Days of the Dead" Blog Tour giveaway

Halloween has passed and left us all energized or totally drained, depending on whether you have been a demanding child, a party crazed dancing machine or a parent with a little kid, wanting sweets. I myself couldn’t celebrate dressing up into Death and get a descent scythe, but met the spirit in many different shapes.

And one of those faces was the Halloween spirit judging committee for my giveaway [see how important it was to judge] and the spirits have spoken. The official winner of a signed copy of “The Blood King” is:

Way to go girl. Now all you need to do is simply e-mail me your mailing address and we are all settled.


tanabata said...

Hey, thanks so much!!
I'm off to email you.

daydream said...

YEY! To you too!

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