Monday, October 20, 2008

Comic Book Week: The Aftermath

Now after the fun time I had compiling the reviews for Comic Book Week I went on to search for information on the Internet on comic books and well as it turns out a lot of people dedicate their time to this particular medium and it's been an awesome train ride. I even got urban fantasy author CE Murphy bound by her word to descrive how cool it actually is to write her own comic book series and that post will come and smack you up out of nowhere, but before that let me overload your senses with links.

BlackGeekdom has been referred to me by a very good friend and it always feature trailers, posters and news concerning comic book franchise, the only distinction being that the focus falls on the racial minorities portrayed in such works of fiction. A really interesting find, although the comment posting option has been neglected.

Variety here is a bit of a mystery since it offers a distinct amount of materials on music, movies, books and comic books and to me it slightly looks like a review and multimedia amazon. It has volumes of information and could be useful. Check it out.

The Comic Treadmill is solely devoted to comic books, excessive information about them and has been doing so without a break for five years. It's a whole new universe out there and if you plan to submerge in this world fully, this is the pond you have to jump in with stones strapped to you.

Now Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin is a quite the bizzare find and I can only squee, because it hosts posts with the crazy 50's and 60's comic book art, which look more like the cartoons on the Sunday newspaper entertainment page. Funky and so retro.

These are mostly blogs. On a whole new level are the sites dedicated to promoting, reviewing and overloading your senses with comic books. These are to be called the titans in what they do and without explaining what they do here are the links:
1) IGN Comics
2) Newsarama
3) Comic Book Resources
4) CC2K [which is a bse site for much more outside the medium, all pop culture though]

And to conclude here is the list of the free online comics I follow almost regularly!
1) Ctrl+Alt+Del [when people who game come with too bright of ideas, fun and obnoxious slaughter ensues in a demented mind]
2) Earthsong [a very original fantasy with the cast of different races that makes sense and builds to an interesting situation]
3) Least I Could Do [when an average woman's man has the resources and the bright ideas of an eight year old, hilarity and obscene scenrios ensue]
4) Errant Story [a blast to read, literally]
5) Nuklear Power: 8 bit Theatre [for all the people who like stabbing and killing huge numbers of people and make jokes about it, oh it's a D&D parody too, so definitely read it]
6) One Liners [offensive, but enjoyably twisted]
7) One of Those Days [when a girl has to deal with an unpredictable curse]
8) VG Cats [major laugh and mildly twisted, but you probably got that already]

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