Saturday, September 6, 2008

Winner of "Rogue" + Updates

The end of the major hiatus has arrived finally and I am back online with the activity on all my blogs. Summer jobs in tourism know how to push you to exhaustion. Vacation time has finally occured for me to resume reviewing, writing and all that jazz.

But first let me announce the winner of the giveaway, which started eons ago and ended September 31st. The prize was a hot novel to make everybody purr aka "Rogue" by Rachel Vincent and the lucky person with a free ticket to kitty heaven is Marg, who commented on the "Urban Fantasy Land" post. Hurray for Marg!!!

As my newest comeback I have some reviews in the bag, interviews in the making, a special weekly themed post under construction and a themed week on the go. Stay tuned and if you are lucky I may leak on other blogs as well.

1 comment:

Christine said...

Hey Harry! Welcome back! :)

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