Thursday, August 14, 2008

News and Links brought to you by the opposite of speed of Light

Yes, it has been a great lack of updates these days and I can only blame my weak psyche, which gets so easily fried by the hardships from a seven hour day job six days a week. My brain simply can't cope with the responsibilities of it and finishing a novel at the same and trying to read and review or do any kind of another activity. I need a serious update.

A long while ago I was asked by Stephen Hunt, author of "The Court of the Air" and "The Kingdom beyond the Waves", to announce the creation of his own social web for science fiction and fantasy fans, who would like to hang together on the web. Those websites are like Myspace and FaceBook, but with the marvelous fantasy twist I need. So behold the might and new HIVEMIND. It's pretty much useless mentioning it now, since the whole site has taken on the much needed life of its own. Hah! But still, if you are interested and plan to stay find me there. I go under DayDream with the same picture. Predictable, yes?

Aiden Moher over at "A Dribble of Ink" posted a really interesting "Movie Based on Novels" meme and for intance I had no idea that some of the movies were indeed based on novels or vice versa. Such poor culture. To continue the movie topic he talks about an eventual movie adaptation of Wheel of Time.

At "Blood of the Muse" you can participate at a "The Court of the Air" hard cover giveaway. And the treat is that, if you blog and spread the word around the web, you get to have a second entry, doubling your chance to snatch away the title. I also would recommend to spend some time around his blog and read the intriguing comic book review "Locke & Key".

Notable reviews by Kimberly at "Darque Reviews" are 1) "Jinx" by Jennifer Estep, 2) "Legacy" by Jeanne C. Stein, 3) "Ghostgirl" by Tanya Hurley. Yes, the paranormal and urban fantasy diva continues to overheat her blog with posts and it's complete madness to try and follow. I can only hope to ever reach a fraction of her reading speed.

SQT at the "Fantasy & Sci-fi Lovin' Book Reviews" or FSLBR, because it's just so much easier to type down, is hosting a special anthology giveaway, which ends at August 19th, so and win either "Enchantment Place" story collection or "The Dimension Next Door" anthology. Go get them!

Liviu at "Fantasy Book Critic" reviews "Shadow of the Antlered Bird", which I find most intriguing. Who knew such a shorty could manufacture a very good stody. Length isn't all it would seem.

Graeme at "Graeme's Fantasy Book Reviews" has the nerve to announce a whole week of book giveaways promising fantasy, urban fantasy and possibly sci-fi. How can you pass this up?

Oh and I fear that my eyes will allow no more digging for the day. They feel like the victims of a bio weapon for pain!! Be happy and read as many books as possible.

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Kimberly Swan said...'re just too funny. Thank you for the link share and I think you always catch me at the busiest time of the month. *grin* Now I have to go explore your other links. :)

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