Friday, July 4, 2008


So the time has come to announce who is lucky enough to get that book aka “Black Magic Woman”. I have been pleasantly surprised by how many people showed the enthusiasm to sign up and just in the borders of a week. Next time I will most certainly make these giveaways run for a bit longer like a month or so like many other people do.

Without further ado I present to you… [drum roll please] DAELITH!

Thank you for participating and please contact me on my e-mail address to give me your coordinates so that I may send you this book. It may take a while, until I get the hang of the post office and considering the fact that I live in Eastern Europe, you would most probably reach retirement age before the package arrives, but still. Oh, and hurry as fast as possible. You have 48 hours until I decide a new winner.

Of course I would like to use this short post to say that I am leaving this world… for two days to my summer villa, where there is no internet. I need to work on my novel project a bit and gain strength to battle the strange case of extreme laziness in writing reviews as I have some to write.

Expect from Monday:
1. Review of “Awaken me Darkly” by Gena Showalter
2. Review of “The Summoner” by Gail Z. Martin
3. Review of “Down to a Sunless Sea” by Mathias B. Freese (which is actually a very short anthology, I plan to read in one day)

And I have in the making several interviews, which hopefully will be aired soon.

Over and Out.


tanabata said...

Enjoy your weekend. I hope you get lots of writing done. :)

daydream said...

Thank you! I planned on blogging on my own blog, but there won't be much time for that. But I might manage.

Daelith said...

*bounces in her chair* Thank you, thank you!! I'm off to email you now.

daydream said...

Just don't fall off your chair, hah!

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