Monday, June 16, 2008

Movie Week 1 {Revisited} -- "The Onion Movie"

Side Note: I have finally managed to get back online with the problems regarding my home PC finally solved. All it took was for me to reinstall the Windows XP again to get rid of the malfunction and tweak it for five hours and the likes. I am quite bummed that movie week was sabotaged by evil technology, but I am revisiting it again, starting from Monday and ending on Sunday with one extra movie. Rejoice people.

Todays movie worthy of being second first has a very touchy, make it or break it genre, the satirical comedy, which tends to expose the faulty nature of society and all in between. "The Onion Movie" was released on June 3rd 2008 after a long history of filming through 2003 and 2007 and was written by Robert Siegel and Todd Hanson. There is no actual plot apart from the vague storyline of anchor man Norm Archer, who has to adjust to the idea of a corporate takeover. The emphasis falls mainly on the news, interviews and commercials, which take on to some of the media norms in todays society that we take for normal, when they are quite unnatural.

For instance let me start withe short, but very diverse news flashes that cover topics from "the internet crashes down for three hours and all over the US a drastic increase of people doing their jobs is noticed" to "the new non-smoking policy leaves just one room available to smoke in" and I am not sure which state that was. Coupled with that people also see small vignettes of different social aspects like the military, technology, sport, music industry, movie industry, poverty and terrorism although the last is not that social at all.

We have the sexually driven in her lyrics pop star Melissa Cherry, who claims to be a virgin and to sing about pure feelings. However her stage attire resembles that of an underage porn star and her songs carry the deep and profound titles "Shoot your Love on my face", "Down on my Knees" and "Give me your love from behind". Another sarcastic joke with the entertainment industry comes in the face of Stephen Segal's new action movie "Cockpuncher" and I am not talking about the bird.

Apart from that there are many more vignettes to watch like the Masked Gunman, who comes in a bank with a gun, but not to rob, instead he demands a job and becomes employee of the month. We have the newest PCs that shoot out with the speed of bullets and freaky reports. I am not sure how most people can react to such a movie, since satire is differently perceived by people and can be either true comedic genius or bland and stupid like the movie parodies from the likes of "Superhero Movie" or "Meet the Spartans". However I do urge people to watch this movie and see in what a ridiculous world we live in. The reality check is a must have.

Now enjoy the funny trailer:


Literary Feline said...

I occasionally read the stories on The Onion website. Some are quite funny. Thank you for sharing the trailer. My husband and I got a kick out of watching it. :-)

daydream said...

There is a website? Now I had no idea whatsoever about a website. I have to check it out! I am glad you liked the trailer. It means you will like the movie. So far everyoe, who has watched it laughed hard.

Literary Feline said...

Here is a link to the website forThe Onion. Some of the stories are hilarious.

daydream said...

Thank you! I will make sure to read it!

SQT said...

Glad you got your computer fixed. ;)

daydream said...

Thanks, I am glad as well. I freaked outa bit, since I am quite the addict and well I had the schedule so it was bad timing.

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