Friday, June 20, 2008

Definitely, Maybe {The Movie for the Hopelessly Romantic}

I actually originally planed to review "Chaos Theory" with Ryan Reynolds, which is also specific enough for this week of memorable movies selected completely randomly, but in the end I watched "Definitely, Maybe", mind you this is another Ryan Reynolds movie.

The story itself is quite complicated, so I will spare the details and cut to the chase, which probably won't be a very interesting concept then, but I have the remedy to fix this aka the trailer. so let's begin shall we. Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) is in the middle of a divorce and barely has contact with his 10 year old daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin), who after a sex-ed at school decides to know the whole story of how Will met his wife and had Maya. Upon nagging enough Will caves in, but decides to change the names of all the three women he has relationships with and so the game "Love Mystery" is born. This is how we slip back into the 90's with a young Will Hayes with ambitions for the president seat, who travels to New York for a campaign for Bill Clinton, while he leaves behind his college sweetheart Emily (Elizabeth banks).

When Emily decides to be promiscuous with Will's roommate and he has already bought her an engagement ring, they seperate and he falls in love with Summer (Rachel Weisz), a reporter and a friend of Emily's. Their relationship florishes after some years, when Will has founded his own company for leading campaigns. She is a reporter and all seems well until she publishes a negative article about Will's client, which costs him his job and his relationships. A witness to all of these failures is April (Isla Fisher), who plays the role of the friend that never gets to be the girlfriend. Now fully knowing her father's story Maya is deterimed to make him happy and the movie goes to one of the most inconclusive endings ever, which works just fine.

I only managed to cover the relationship aspect of the movie and just as barely, but there is just so much more for this movie. Apart from great acuracy in depicting the 90's as the era of the large brick sized cell phones, Nirvana being quite new to the scene and Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky being in the mouth of every one, we have sophisticated characters and actors to boot with talent. Starting with the women, the viewer will meet three types of women, solely opposite of each other and three actresses to play the cards right. Emily is the girl next door and has that air of innocence and Elizabeth Banks amanges to portray that very convingly. Rachel Weisz plays the smart, somewhat sarcastic Summer, a character which strikes with high intillect and conficence to achieve a lot. Isla Fisher is the free and travelling April, the only woman to have obtained her real name in the movie and the only one to have remained a close and yet rebellious friend.

Of course when we add the comedic genius of Ryan Reynolds. I especially liked him in the TV series "Two Boys, One Girl and a Pizza Place". He was loads of fun. To his talent I add the young Abigail Breslin and we get a movie not to be missed. Here, take a look for yourself:


Chris, The Book Swede said...

Nice review :) I luurve Rachel Weisz :D

The Book Swede

daydream said...

Who doesn't? I mean she is an attractive actress with one cool accent.

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